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  • David Moak – Actor & minion
    Cincinnati, OH
    “Since attending both Steve and Bob’s classes at the C.A.S., my confidence and abilities as an actor have enabled me to boldly perform before a theater audience and to have an edge when auditioning. It’s not always easy – but growth doesn’t come without some humility and adversity. With each class you learn a little more and find that there’s always a next time and another chance to WOW someone, even when you’re not at your best. That’s what we do this for. Regardless of your abilities in the beginning, attend a class, swing hard, and see whatchya got.”
  • Kasi Adams – Actor
    Los Angeles, CA
    “As an actor, I value the classes at C.A.S. because of the encouraging atmosphere and the honest feedback. Each class I’m learning something different and I leave feeling motivated and inspired.”
  • Nancy P. – Actor & Stand-Up Comedian
    Cincinnati, OH
    “In making the decision to study acting again my criteria was to find a teacher with an honest approach to critiques as well as praise, and I found that with Steve. He knows the industry and relates his personal experiences to his students. He creates a trusting environment to help develop the actors technique. You will leave each class with a clearer understanding of areas that need improvement as well as your strengths as an actor.”
  • Elliot Hebeler – Actor
    Los Angeles, CA
    “The C.A.S. is a warm and friendly, fun-filled environment where any kind of actor can express their true self without fear or worry of being judged or misunderstood in any way, shape, or form. No matter the situation in life, the C.A.S. has taught me so much in terms of being myself and being confident – whether it’s in my comfort zone or not. For life begins where our comfort zone ends!”
  • Jimmy Coy – Actor
    Cincinnati, OH
    “In my short time of studying at the C.A.S., I have felt very welcomed by everyone involved. I’m learning a lot not only about acting, but as a person as well. Steve is a fantastic teacher who is there to help anyone who is seeking guidance. I recommended that anyone interested in acting classes attend the C.A.S.!”
  • Brandie LaBomme – Actor
    Houston, TX
    “Steve’s Thursday night class is amazing. After a couple of months of taking his class, I have grown to care and love every part of it and everyone in it. I have to admit I was very nervous/anxious about starting this class. After finally overcoming my fear with the first class, I knew I made the right choice. Steve’s class has helped me become a better actress and a better person. Steve and everyone taking the class truly care about helping you improve your skills and they give honest feedback on all exercises with ways to improve yourself without being judgmental. On top of that, the class is fun and always something to look forward to! This class has become a part of my weekly routine and I am never looking back!”
  • Darrell P. Miller – Actor – “Ides of March”
    Cincinnati, OH
    “What I have learned in the C.A.S. has been indispensable. If not for Steve’s encouragement of my artistic ability I wouldn’t be acting today. I can directly attribute getting roles to applying the principles I’ve learned at the C.A.S. Bob G has calmed my inner self to help me connect with my fellow actors. Steve teaches practical immediate application to get the gig, while Bob G touches the heart of the art of our craft.”
  • Phil Latham – Actor
    Los Angeles, CA
    “I first attended The Cincinnati Actors Studio at the age of 18, and until I moved to LA, I never missed a class! I would say it’s the best choice in the Tri-State for any and all actors. It has truly prepared me for my career in LA and life in general. The connections you make and growth that happens at the C.A.S. is truly priceless… I cannot wait till I’m back in town to stop by and take another class!”

"…if you took acting away from me, I’d stop breathing!"


The C.A.S. is a warm and friendly, fun-filled environment where any kind of actor can express their true self... -- Elliot Hebeler - Actor

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