Jennifer Vossler - Actor

Cincinnati, OH

I just started taking Steve’s class a few weeks ago and have already learned so much about acting as well as gaining the motivation to learn more about the craft. Steve’s energy and attention to individual growth with everything we do as actors, MAKES this class. He treats each and every class, skit, monologue, & improv session as the most important acting we’ve ever done and therefore, we all strive to be better class by class. This class is extremely beneficial to those who want to work professionally as an actor as well as to someone who is just looking to benefit in day to day life. I highly suggest it!

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"...if you took acting away from me, I’d stop breathing!"


Steve's Thursday night class is amazing. After a couple of months of taking his class, I have grown to care and love every part of it and everyone in it. -- Brandie LaBomme - Actor